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MathWorks Consulting Services enable communication engineers to quickly design, simulate, and prototype communications systems. We provide assistance applying MATLAB and Simulink to the design of source coding, channel coding, modulation, equalization, synchronization, channel modeling, and network modeling. MathWorks Consultants work with engineering teams to enable rapid prototyping of algorithms and generation of C code and HDL code for deployment. Engineering teams in the communications industry face the challenges of designing increasingly complex products in less time, while supporting evolving standards.

MathWorks Consultants work with you to:

  • Model your system at an appropriate level of abstraction via algorithmic simulation, time-based simulation, event-based simulation, or any combination
  • Characterize system performance quantitatively by methods such as bit error rate (BER) computations, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) measurements, or error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements
  • Determine whether system performance meets standards of acceptability
  • Convert floating-point data types to fixed point to implement high-speed signal processing algorithms
  • Generate C code or HDL code for verification, rapid prototyping, and implementation
  • Optimize models for specific hardware architectures and integrate legacy code with the generated code

With knowledge transfer and self-sufficiency as the end goal of every project, MathWorks Consultants function as part of your development team.

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Meet Our Team

Kerry Grand, a principal consulting engineer, has 19 years’ experience working with U.S. automakers on the design and development of production software for electric vehicle and embedded control systems.


Courses are available in MATLAB, Simulink, and other products.

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Paul Peeling

Paul Peeling is a consultant engineer who specializes in signal processing, machine learning, and code generation for embedded hardware. He works with MATLAB and Simulink users to develop algorithms and model systems in multiple domains, and deploy the code to real-time targets. Prior to joining MathWorks, Paul worked applying pattern recognition techniques to detect and combat online fraud. Paul has a Ph.D. in statistical signal processing from the University of Cambridge.