Simulink Verification and Validation

Working with Simulink Verification and Validation

The Requirements Management Interface creates links that connect external documents with Simulink® blocks. These links can be used for requirements reviews, design reviews, traceability analysis, and project documentation.

Using the Requirements Management Interface, you can:

  • Associate Simulink and Stateflow® objects with requirements
  • Navigate from a Simulink or Stateflow object to requirements
  • Review requirements links in your model using highlighting and tags that you define
  • Create reports for your Simulink model that show which objects link to which requirements

Simulink Verification and Validation provides a library of ready-to-use checks for compliance checking with style guidelines and modeling standards. The checks are preconfigured to support MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) Style Guidelines and the DO-178B and IEC 61508 standards for developing high-integrity software.

Using Model Advisor and modeling standards checks, you can:

  • Run checks against models or model components to verify compliance with modeling guidelines
  • Create and share check configurations
  • Automate running of checks using the command-line API
  • Author custom checks for new modeling style guidelines

Simulink Verification and Validation provides component testing functions that generate harness models and log data from existing models to help you run simulations of model components. You can:

  • Automate component testing of models
  • Extract subsystem or subchart content into a new model for analysis
  • Log input port values in simulation
  • Simulate models using test cases
  • Run tests against generated code
  • Collect and analyze model coverage
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