Real-Time Windows Target

Real-Time Windows Target for Real-Time Testing

Real-Time Windows Target enables you to run Simulink models in real time and interface with physical devices. Using your Windows PC, you can create and control a system for real-time testing applications, including rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, directly from Simulink.

Real-Time Windows Target provides I/O device drivers that support an extensive selection of I/O boards, enabling you to interface with sensors, actuators, and other devices for developing, experimenting, and testing real-time systems.

Real-Time Windows Target includes a real-time engine that runs in Windows kernel mode. This real-time engine loads I/O device drivers and establishes a connection with Simulink. In normal mode, the I/O device drivers execute in real time, in parallel with a Simulink simulation. Real-Time Windows Target synchronizes data between the real-time engine and Simulink. You can achieve performance exceeding 500 Hz in normal mode.

Simulink Coder generates C code from the model and the solver. This product creates a binary file using a C compiler, which is included with Real-Time Windows Target. The real-time engine loads the resulting binary file and I/O device drivers, and establishes a connection with Simulink. In external mode, the model, solver, and I/O device drivers all execute in real time. You can achieve performance approaching 20 kHz in external mode.

With normal and external modes, you can control model execution, data logging, parameter tuning, signal viewing, and starting or stopping real-time execution from the Simulink toolbar.

You can view dynamic systems as they run in real time using Simulink 3D Animation.

Configuring Stream Input and Stream Output block parameters for a model on a real-time target.
Configuring Stream Input and Stream Output block parameters for a model on a real-time target. You can run the model in Simulink normal mode (shown) or Simulink external mode (by clicking the orange block).
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