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Verifying Compliance with Coding Standards (MISRA, JSF, naming conventions)

Polyspace Bug Finder supports the detection of MISRA-C:2004, MISRA-C++:2008, MISRA-AC-AGC, JSF++, and custom naming coding rule violations. You can use Polyspace Bug Finder to enforce coding rules to improve the readability and quality of your code. You can configure Polyspace Bug Finder to focus on all the rules of the standard, only the rules required by the standard, or individually select the rules you want to enforce. You can also define your own configuration to ensure that the same coding rules are enforced within your team.

You can fix rule violations by tracing them to your source code editor, or you can justify the coding rule violations for the purpose of documentation or code comments. The Polyspace Bug Finder interface lets you focus on differences from the previous analysis to avoid reviewing a violation twice. Coding rules analysis results can be exported to a web dashboard to track results over time.

Identifying a MISRA violation.
Identifying a MISRA violation.
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