Model-Based Calibration Toolbox

Key Features

  • MBC Model Fitting app for designing experiments, fitting statistical models to engine data, and producing optimal calibrations
  • Classical, space-filling, and optimal designs, based on Design-of-Experiments methodology, for creating optimized test plans
  • Techniques for developing high-fidelity nonlinear statistical models from test data
  • Linear regression and radial basis function modeling techniques for creating accurate fits to data
  • Built-in and user-definable libraries of empirical model forms
  • Boundary modeling to keep optimization results within the engine operating envelope
  • MBC Optimization app for solving calibration problems at individual operating points or over drive cycles
  • Generation of lookup tables from models, optimization results, or test data
  • Calibration import and export links to ETAS INCA and ATI Vision
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox Workflow
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