MATLAB Language Subset for Code Generation

MATLAB Coder generates code from a subset of the MATLAB language typically used by design engineers for developing algorithms as components of larger systems. The supported subset includes more than 400 operators and functions from MATLAB.

A limited set of functions are supported for code generation from Aerospace Toolbox, Fixed-Point Designer™, Image Processing Toolbox™, Signal Processing Toolbox™ and Statistics Toolbox™. MATLAB Coder also supports code generation from many System objects™ found in the Communications System Toolbox™, Computer Vision System Toolbox™, DSP System Toolbox™, and Phased Array System Toolbox™.

MATLAB Coder supports a broad range of MATLAB language attributes to develop algorithms. These include:

Matrices and arrays, such as persistent variables, global variables, matrix operations, N-dimensional arrays, subscripting, and frames

Classes and data types, such as complex numbers, integer match, double/single precision, fixed-point arithmetic, characters, structures, numeric classes, and variable-sized data

Programming constructs, such as MATLAB program control statements (if, for, while, switch) and arithmetic, relational, and logical operators

Functions, such as function handles, sub-functions, the subset of MATLAB functions, variable length input and output argument lists, and the ability to call MATLAB functions

See the full list of supported MATLAB language attributes for code generation.

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