Mapping Toolbox

Key Features

  • Vector and raster data import and export
  • Custom raster map retrieval from Web Map Service (WMS) servers
  • Web map display with dynamic base maps from OpenStreetMap and other sources
  • 2D and 3D map display, customization, and interaction
  • Digital terrain and elevation model analysis functions
  • Geometric geodesy functions, including 2D and 3D coordinate transformations and more than 65 map projections

Mapping Toolbox and MATLAB enable you to develop customized solutions to geospatial problems such as predicting weather patterns, modeling the movement of glacial land masses, or finding optimal locations for wind turbines. With function-level access to all key features in the toolbox and the high-level MATLAB language, you can develop innovative algorithms and automate your workflow for repetitive tasks.

Blue Marble image courtesy of NASA-JPL/Caltech
Blue Marble image courtesy of NASA-JPL/Caltech
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