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Optimizing HDL Code

In MATLAB or Simulink, you can optimize HDL code to achieve speed-area objectives by employing distributed pipelining, streaming, and resource sharing. In MATLAB, you can use advanced loop optimizations, such as loop streaming and loop unrolling, for a MATLAB design containing for-loops or matrix operations. You can map a persistent array or matrix variables in MATLAB code to block RAMs. In Simulink, you can implement multichannel designs and serialization techniques common to signal processing and multimedia applications.

HDL Workflow Advisor for MATLAB.
HDL Workflow Advisor for MATLAB, which provides optimization options, such as RAM mapping, pipelining, resource sharing, and loop unrolling.
Area-speed optimization.
Area-speed optimization. Replacing four multipliers with one multiplier reduces the design area at the cost of increasing the data rate by a factor of four.
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