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Teaching with MATLAB.

Teaching with MATLAB and Simulink 

Teaching with MATLAB and Simulink not only enhances and accelerates learning, but also prepares students for productive technology careers. Using MATLAB and Simulink based curricula, professors can create a foundation for learning that serves students throughout their college years. From classroom to laboratory to industry, MATLAB and Simulink provide a flexible environment for cross-functional teams and cross-disciplinary research.

With its ease of use, interoperability with other tools, and rich modeling and computational capabilities, MATLAB is ideal for first-year university students. They can develop problem-solving skills by working on real-world problems without spending a lot of time learning to program.

Resources for Teaching with MATLAB and Simulink

Signal Processing Teaching Materials MathWorks and Texas Instruments (TI) have partnered to provide a selection of workflow-based teaching materials, including technical presentations, documentation, and sample exercises.

Free On Demand Webinar 30:56 Learn how you can integrate MATLAB into your curriculum by viewing a presention by Loren Shure, Ph.D.

Software Evaluation for Professors For your curriculum needs, evaluate MATLAB and Simulink.

Classroom Resources Explore this repository of links to shared course materials developed by your colleagues and organized by academic department.

Free Numerical Methods Curriculum Materials Easily integrate MATLAB into your curriculum.