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Creating and Editing Setup Files and Style Sheets in the Report Explorer

The MATLAB Report Generator lets you control the design, formatting, and presentation of your documentation or reports by selecting from the many built-in setup files or creating your own. You can drag and drop components from the component list into your setup file, change the order of the components, and modify component attributes and formatting. The formatting is controlled via a style sheet. You can use several built-in style sheets for each document type or create your own style sheet. You control page layout, font use, table display, header content, tables of contents, title presentation, and more. Setup files and style sheets can be reused and distributed.

From the Report Explorer GUI, you can create and edit templates, view components and templates (center pane), and change the properties of the components or report.
To generate a report you select a new or existing setup file, add components to the setup file, edit component properties, select one of the available formats, and choose a style sheet.

Creating Custom Components

The Component Creator lets you write new or update existing custom components. The component API is fully documented, enabling complete control over run-time and edit-time behavior.

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