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8 Aug 2014 Improving the Efficiency of RF Power Amplifiers with Digital Predistortion

CommScope's MATLAB based DPD technology enables wireless base stations to operate efficiently.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
Updated by: Aiwen
digital pre..., distortion, doherty amp..., dpd, dpd model 426 1
9 Oct 2013 mixed-signal library

mixed-signal library with 40+ blocks, 20+ demos, 3 tutorials and full help.

Contributed by: Mike Woodward
Updated by: Mike Woodward
pll, adc, digital pre..., mixed-signal, sigma-delta 663 1
10 Jul 2012 Digital predistortion

Page giving information on digital predistortion using MATLAB

Contributed by: Mike Woodward
digital pre..., matlab 489 1
3 Aug 2011 Mixed-signal systems in MATLAB & Simulink

Describes use of MATLAB & Simulink in mixed-signal design and verification

Contributed by: Mike Woodward
pll, adc, dac, delta-sigma, digital pre... 252 1
5.0 | 1 rating

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