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1 Sep 2011 Pattern Recognition Toolbox

The PRT provides access to a wide range of pattern recognition tools in a simple unified framework.

Contributed by: Peter
Updated by: pramod bhatt
rvm, pattern rec..., machine lea..., bagging, data mining 4067 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
16 Oct 2011 Matlab source code for handwritten Kannada Numeral Recognition

Using Geometric Features and SVM, The model classifies isolated Kannada Numerals.

Contributed by: rupam das
Updated by: ravikumar r
character r..., geometric f..., ocr, svm 809 1
15 Apr 2010 MATLAB Codes for Working Analysis Textbook

MATLAB Codes for calculus textbook by University of Maryland prof Jeffery Cooper

Contributed by: Lissa
academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 225 1
30 Oct 2009 Matlab Svmlight Interface

From the blog My Outsourced Brain

Contributed by: Helen Chen
blog, svm 1193 1

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