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Optimization Toolbox Examples


Tutorial for the Optimization Toolbox™Script
Optimization Modeling 1 (8 min, 51 sec)Optimization Modeling 1 (8 min, 51 sec)Video
Optimization Modeling 2: Converting to Solver Form (10 min, 46 sec)Optimization Modeling 2: Converting to Solver Form (10 min, 46 sec)Video
Minimizing an Expensive Optimization Problem Using Parallel Computing Toolbox™
Uses: Parallel Computing Toolbox, Global Optimization Toolbox

Integer Linear Programming

Factory, Warehouse, Sales Allocation ModelScript
Travelling Salesman ProblemScript
Solve Sudoku Puzzles Via Integer ProgrammingScript
Office Assignments by Binary Integer ProgrammingScript

Quadratic Programming

Using Quadratic Programming on Portfolio Optimization ProblemsScript
Large-Scale Bound Constrained Quadratic ProgrammingScript

Nonlinear Programming

Using Symbolic Mathematics with Optimization Toolbox™ Solvers
Uses: Symbolic Math Toolbox
Analyzing the Effect of Uncertainty Using Semi-Infinite ProgrammingScript


Multi-Objective Goal Attainment OptimizationScript
Minimax Optimization
Uses: Signal Processing Toolbox

Least Squares

Nonlinear Data-FittingScript
Large-Scale Constrained Linear Least-SquaresScript
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