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Instrument Control Toolbox Examples

General Examples

Recording an Instrument SessionScript
Reading Waveforms from an oscilloscope using a Quick-Control Oscilloscope ObjectScript
Creating and Downloading an Arbitrary Waveform to a Function GeneratorScript
Generating and Downloading a Baseband Signal to an RF Signal GeneratorScript
Characterizing a low-noise amplifier by measuring its S-parametersScript

Communication Examples

Restoring the BlinkM to its factory settings using I2C busScript
Communicating with EEPROM using SPI busScript
Communicating with the Lego® Mindstorms® NXT brick over Bluetooth®Script
Tap detection with ADXL345 accelerometer chip using the NI USB 8451 adaptorScript
Reading Inphase and Quadrature (IQ) Data from a Signal Analyzer over TCP/IPScript
Register-Based Communication Using VISAScript

Instrument Driver Examples

Reading Waveforms from an Oscilloscope using IVI-COM DriversScript
Fetch Waveform through NI-SCOPE MATLAB Instrument Driver in Simulation ModeScript
Using NI-FGEN Instrument Driver To Generate A Sine WaveScript
Reading Waveforms from an Oscilloscope using IVI-C Class Compliant InterfaceScript
Read Waveforms from an Agilent M9210A Digitizer using the IVI-C DriverScript

Simulink Examples

Basic UDP Communication
Uses: Simulink
Video Surveillance Over TCP/IP Network
Uses: Simulink, Computer Vision System Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, Embedded Coder
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