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  • Alcatel-Lucent -  Alcatel-Lucent Develops DPD System for Multicarrier GSM Transceivers with Model-Based Design
  • AT4 wireless -  AT4 wireless Increases Internal Test Coverage to Over 90% for LTE Physical Layer Test Equipment Designs
  • BAE Systems - SDR -  BAE Systems Achieves 80% Reduction in Software-Defined Radio Development Time
  • BridgeWave Communications -  BridgeWave Communications Delivers High-Capacity Wireless Links Months Ahead of Schedule
  • Broadcom -  Broadcom Develops Low-Cost 3G Semiconductor Product
  • C-COR Incorporated -  C-COR Cuts DSP Development Time by 30 Percent Using Simulink and Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • DigitalGlobe -  DigitalGlobe Simulates Complete Satellite-to-Ground Communications Systems
  • DOCOMO Beijing Labs -  DOCOMO Beijing Labs Accelerates the Development of Mobile Communications Technology
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute -  ETRI Develops Modem Synchronization Technology for Fourth-Generation Mobile Telecommunications System
  • Fujitsu Laboratories of America -  Fujitsu Develops and Tests State-of-the-Art 40 Gbps Optical Transponder
  • Harman Becker -  Harman Becker Designs and Verifies OFDM Radio Receivers
  • IDT-Newave -  IDT-Newave Reduces Semiconductor Design Time by Months
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems -  Lockheed Martin Develops Configurable, Space-Qualified Digital Channelizer
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory -  Los Alamos National Laboratory Reduces Battery Power Requirements
  • NASA and TriVector Services -  TriVector Verifies Time Latencies for Ares I Rocket
  • Penn State University -  Penn State Develops Software Defined Radio Ground Station for Nanosatellite
  • RTX Telecom -  RTX Telecom Delivers Advanced Test Terminal
  • Sepura -  Sepura Models and Simulates Complete Physical Layer for Professional Mobile Radio with Simulink
  • YarCom -  YarCom Improves Radio Reception for the Department of Defense
  • Yokogawa -  Yokogawa Electric Develops Key Components for Next-Generation Optical Networks with Simulink and Mentor Graphics ModelSim
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