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Chassis and Safety Systems

Chassis and Safety Systems

Engineers use Model-Based Design to deliver advanced chassis and x-by-wire features that meet strict performance and safety certification requirements. They simulate the entire multidomain system and analyze its performance in environments and for conditions too expensive or risky to test.

Reduce Track Testing of Advanced Multidomain Control Systems

Active safety systems, such as electronic stability control (ESC), provide additional traction, braking, and roll control. Using system design and simulation, engineers develop models that combine new and existing mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical actuators and sensors. These multidomain system models enable them to:

  • Design and test chassis and safety control systems without expensive vehicle-level track testing
  • Design and verify algorithms earlier in the development process with models
  • Perform rapid prototyping of the controller algorithms
  • Create hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations of the electrical and mechanical components
  • Research emerging technologies such as cyber-physical systems

Conform to IEC 61508 AND ISO 26262 Standards

For engineers developing electronic stability control systems that must meet safety standards, Simulink and Model-Based Design capabilities support the development of embedded systems with production code generation to meet IEC-61508-3 and ISO 26262.